Comparing Skid Steer Tires With The Loader Tires

Comparing Skid Steer Tires With The Loader Tires

When it comes to the construction industry, any professional contractor will have heaps to say about the importance of skid steers and loaders for their projects. These are machines that no construction site could function without. But do you know what these machines cannot function without? The right tires! Given the grueling working conditions and the rough, unpredictable terrain that these machines have to maneuver on a daily basis, it is no wonder that they require specially designed tires to be able to function as they are supposed to. Without the right tires, you would simply be risking the integrity of your skid steer or loader, the safety of the operator and workers on-site as well as the future of your project. And don't think that the tires used in both these machines are interchangeable! Designed for specific functions on the construction site, both the skid steer and the loader need specific features in their wheels to be able to do what they do best.

Here is a basic comparison between skid steer tires and loader tires to help you understand the difference between the two:

Skid steer tires

Skid steers, have to handle the most difficult of terrain possible, all the while bearing heavy loads from the quarry. The tires in this vehicle need to be heavy duty with low voids and deep treads to ensure maximum traction and mobility, even when on maximum load capacity. To prevent punctures from sharp rocks, construction debris and shrapnel, the tires in this machine should also be puncture resistant and strong - capable of taking any challenge that the site and its surface might throw its way. The productivity of skid steer tires is measured by how long they can last, providing adequate traction and surface grip in tough terrains. These are machines where maneuverability, stability, grip and resilience are of utmost importance. Therefore, these tires are made of heavy duty rubber that will last long, providing you with maximum returns and utility from your investment without compromising on safety.

Loader Tires

These are machines meant to carry heavy loads. They are therefore bulky, large and comes with an immense weight carrying capacity - not something that you would want to be making sharp turns with. Considering the usage of a loader on a construction site, its tires need to be all about strength. Maneuverability and traction take up second place when it comes to features to look for in a loader tire. The productivity of loader tires is calculated in terms of how much weight they can carry. They create the perfect balance between cushioning and toughness, providing the operator with enough comfort and ease to handle the loader while it is carrying heavy loads across a construction site.

In short, skid steer tires are all about surface grip and stability while loader tires focus on load bearing capacity and strength. So make the right choice for the vehicle that you own.

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